Fish & Shrimp dishes

These dishes are served with rice

Garnaal Masala Indiaas
Large shrimp cooked in a delicious curry sauce with tomato, garlic and paprika € 19,00
Garnaal Madras of Garnaal Vindaloo Indiaas
Large shrimp in a spicy or very spicy curry sauce from southern India € 19,00
Garnaal Kashmiri Korma Indiaas
Large prawns cooked in a mild sweet cream curry with almonds, coconut and mixed fruits € 19,00
Vis curry Indiaas
Delicious fish fillet cooked in a delicate curry sauce with onions € 19,00
Garnalen curry Surinaams
Prawns with rice € 19,00
Garlic garnalen kerrie Surinaams
Prawns with garlic and curry € 19,00